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Ship from Amazon US-Nabalis Vulp Pro Butterrfly Knife Trainer G10 & 7075 AL Handle

Ship from Amazon US-Nabalis Vulp Pro Butterrfly Knife Trainer G10 & 7075 AL Handle

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  • Bead Blasted dull blade of 440C
  • Anodized handles of more durable 7075 AL
  • Total Length (Closed ): 145.5 mm/5.73" for EDC convenience.
  • Lightweight G-10 and 7075 AL channel handles provide superior control
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    What's Vulp Pro


    • Weight: 3.92 Ounces/111.1g
    • Handle Design: Channel
    • Total Length (Open Position): 253mm/9.92"
    • Total Length (Closed Position):145.5 mm/5.73"
    • Handle Length: 141 mm/5.55"
    • Handle Thickness: 12.8mm/0.5"
    • Blade Length: 124.5mm/4.9"
    • Handle Material: 7075 Aluminum 
    • Handle Finish: Anodized Polished Satin
    • Blade Material: 440C Heat Treated Stainless Steel
    • Blade Finish: Bead Blasted
    • Blade Edge: Dull
    • Pin Design: Zen Pins
    • Pivot Design: Bushings
    • Pivot Screw: T10
    • Latch Design: Latchless
    • Balance Profile: 36mm from pivot center/ Moderate handle bias


    Vulp Pro, upgrades over the original Vulp:

    Reconfigured balance for more advanced tricks, especially chaplins

    Redesigned blade to add more tip weight, and new hardware at the end of the handles for better momentum

    Bead blast aluminum finish upgraded to a polished satin finish 

    Very slight handle bias changed to a moderate handle bias

    Blade steel upgraded from 420C to 440C

    Shallow speed channels for improved grip

    Significantly improved tuning from the factory for much tighter tolerances, minial paly and tap.

    Handle material upgraded from 6061 AL to much more durable 7075 AL with G10 inlays for substantially improved grip and modularity. 

    Standard box upgraded to a hard case with storage for multiple balisongs and accessories

    Hardware also comes with the Vulp Pro

    Bushings' OD: 6.35 mm

    A Message From Will Hirsh

    This is a real evolution for the Vulp. 

    After the beginner focused trainer, I wanted to create something special. 

    The Vulp Pro is a high performance beast of a flipper made to keep up with anyone at any skill level. 

    This isn't just the next step up from the Vulp, it's truly a pro level flipper!

    Product Story

    Nabalis adheres to our core idea of "create with you." 

    Collaborating with Will Hirsh and Brandon Baker, we jointly designed and upgraded the Vulp V2 balisong butterfly knife trainer, bringing the all-new Vulp Pro balisong in the entry to mid-tir price points.

    The Vulp Pro was designed to be the supreme balisong in every regard. Balance, ergonomics, aesthetics, and materials were all essential factors that we wanted the Vulp Pro to surpassed. 

    In order to provide the best budget-friendly butterfly knife trainer for the flippers and enthusiasts in the community. 

    Also, the design inspiration is stemed from the Will Hirsh' s "Fox Log", but we employ additional lightweight G10 on the handles for good grip and control.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Amazing bali. Been flipping for almost 2 years and have no affiliation with Will Hirsch or Brandon Baker, so you can probably trust my words.

    First off, if you don't like G10, don't skip out on the Vulp Pro. While adding plenty of comfortable grip, the G10 doesn't even really feel like G10. That being said, this bali has some amazing grip. Other than the G10, the jimping is beautiful. Not sharp or uncomfortable, just amazing grip.

    Holy moly, the Vulp can chaplin. Never in my life did I expect to rip chaplins on a Vulp, but the Pro is just so good especially in chaplins. Chaplins aside, the Vulp Pro can handle any trick I throw at it. It reminds me of the Nautilus in the sense that it can take anything.

    Overall, the Vulp Pro is a fun, competitive and competent flipper that is definitely worth the money if you're into flipping. If you don't want to commit to $140 into a hobby, try the Vulp or even something else from Nabalis like the Marbles is a great option.

    Asher Dodd
    good knife great flipping

    w balisong ong buy rn has zen pin issues but other than that its crazy and waaaaaayyyyy better than the og vulp

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