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Nabalis Marbles Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer

Nabalis Marbles Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer

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Gorgeous machining, light weight yet flowy, adjustable weight and balance, and top of the line fit-finish-and materials.

This Marble balisong has a bead blasted blade with bottle opener. It has milled and anodized aluminium two-piece aluminium handles. Comes with original plactics box with extra bushings system. Excellent condition for flipping.

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What's Marbles


  • Weight: 3.63-4.1Ounces/103-116.5g
  • Handle Design: Channel
  • Total Length (Open Position): 250mm/9.84"
  • Total Length (Closed Position): 143mm/5.63"
  • Handle Length: 140mm/5.5"
  • Handle Thickness: 12.8mm/0.5“
  • Blade Length: 123mm/4.84”
  • Handle Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Handle Tail Block Material: G10
  • Handle Finish: Anodized
  • Blade Material: 420 Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Blade Finish: Bead Blasted
  • Blade Edge: Dull
  • Pin Design: Zen Pins
  • Pivot Design: Bushings
  • Pivot Screw: T10
  • Ball Magazine Screw: T6
  • Latch Design: Latchless
  • Balance Profile: 33-41.2mm from pivot center/blade bias - strong handle bias


  • Newest ball magazine design, the balance profile is adjustable by adding, removing and matching different material of small balls.
  • Unprecedented experience: both blade bias and strong handle bias in the same trainer, so you can always find your most wanted balance.
  • Jimpings and a short slot on the side of the handle increase the extra grip.
  • Strong bushing system, zen pin, 6065 Aluminum and 420C blade.
  • 6 copper balls, 6 aluminum balls, 6 plastic fluorescence balls and 6 rubber balls, definitely enough to fill the magazine.

Bushing System

The Marble has a high-quality bushing system, which has been professionally adjusted before selling to ensure a smooth swing and a suit flipping experience,no tap, barely any play!

Note:Flipping it for a long time, it needs to be maintained and restored to its best condition by replacing the washers or tuning the bushings.

Product Story

As we all know, the balance profile varies from trainer to trainer, and the preferences to it vary from person to person,too. Usually, it's almost impossible to cater to every man's balance preference in one bali.

The simplest way to get a handle bias trainer and a blade bias trainer is to purchase 2 different balisongs.

But it is unnecessary, Marble is here to meet your balance needs!

Inspired by the gun magazine, we design a special balisong trainer, the balance profile is adjustable by adding, removing and matching different material of small balls in magazine at the end of the handles.

You are able to easily adjust the balance from 33mm to 41.5mm, which is a standard blade bias and strong handle bias setting data!

It's a special design, but it does not compromise on performance at all. Jimpings and a short slot on the side of the handle increases additional grip.

Of course, it has a high-precision bushing system, zen pins, 6065 Aluminum handles and 420C blade, just like other Nabalis balis.

Besides, 6 copper balls, 6 aluminum balls, 6 plastic fluorescence balls and 6 rubber balls are enough to adjust the balance well.

If you want to experience a different balance in one butterfly knife, don't miss the Marble!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
the fliiper
Nabalis Marbles Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer

The knife is a verry good flipper smooth and has a nice weight to it
the only downside is that its made out of a low grade aluminum so it dosnt do well with falls
over all verry satisfied with the Nabalis company


Very professional, shipped in a nice case, came with MULTIPLE spare parts, screwdrivers to fix it, and lubricant for the knife. Far beyond my expectations 👍.


Possibly one of the best and most affordable trainers on the market right now, well worth the money!

shawn gitlin
Amazing value and quality

This knife has been amazing well worth. Only issue is that the screws where the marbles go stripped my driver so i bought a new one. Also the way the blade is cut out it would be nice to have a little extra tip weight. Besides that the product is quality and I would recommend. As long as you only put one marble in they don’t rattle. Thank you for the quality product.

Fantastic balisong!

Feels like an evolution of the already fantastic Vulp, just with a better blade, better tuning and a modular weight system. The carrying case it comes in and all the extra hardware make for an excellent unboxing and a great way to store the trainer. 10/10, no complaints at all!