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The Morse - Nabalis First Aluminum 6061 balisong trainer

The Morse - Nabalis First Aluminum 6061 balisong trainer

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Design concept

The Morse gets inspired by the Morse Code.

Use dots and lines to decorate the handle and provide additional grip, catering to beginners' basic or advanced learning needs.

Surely, the balisong is safe and sturdy!

Morse has a high-precision pivot bushing system, which has been professionally adjusted before selling to ensure a smooth swing, no tap, and barely any play!

Morse is a butterfly trainer knife that takes community suggestions and applies them to the design and production process.

Embarking on a nice and enjoyable flipping journey, holding the Morse.

Bushing System

The Morse has a high-quality bushing system, which has been professionally adjusted before sellinselling to ensure a smooth swing, not tap, barely any play

NOTE: After frequnt use, it needs to be maintained and restored to its best condition by replacing the washers or tuning the bushing.


Total weight: 4oz / 114g
Handle design: Channel
Total length (open state): 9.45 inches / 240 mm
Total length (closed state): 5.7 inches / 145 mm
Handle length: 5.51 inches / 140 mm
Blade material: 420C Stainless steel
Handle material: 6061 Aluminium
Blade edge: Dull
Pin design: Hidden Zen Pin
Pivot design: Bushings
Pivot Screw: Torx T8
Balance Profile: Slight handle bias

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Its nice

The morse has been my favorite trainer since my cousin gave me his old one, it sadly after a few months developed tap i couldnt tune out so i got a new one and the little upgrades nabalis have made it feel just a bit better like how the screws are t10 like the vulp or the lightning. The anodization doesnt fell as slippery as it was on the original morse and ive noticed it doesnt fly outta my hands as much when doing tricks like the kiss goodbye or murnax ladder. Overall its a really good cheap trainer in my opinion and nabalis has a phenomenal customer service as well.

Zach B.
An original design and an outstanding value.

For the money this is the best value balisong trainer and it's a great way for new people to get a nicer butterfly knife at a reasonable price. I also like that it is an original design and is not intended to be like something else. It's a strong product, soon there will be trainers meant to clone this. I suppose it is somewhat similar in handle design to a squid ind. kraken, but I would not say it's a clone.

This butterfly knife has all the right things on it. The blade is made of the right steel, handles are made of the right aluminum and are single channel, and pivots are on bushings. This knife is handle balanced. The knife came with no play and no tap out of the box. It seems like pretty good machining for something so inexpensive.

Nabalis is on the right track and I predict they will be extremely successful. If you are looking for your first balisong this one is a great choice. If it's above your price point, nabalis also makes a g10 one that was surprisingly good for me.
Personally, if you have the money, I would recommend getting the Morse first. If you don't like flipping knives I am sure you could sell it on for nearly as much as you paid for it a month or two down the road. Just don't ding it on concrete or stone and don't carry it in the same pocket as your keys or other metal things.

feedback: handles are a bit slippery and I would like it if there was some texture there that made it easier to hang on while doing a trick. The handle design is a little boring. A tumbled, brushed, or sandblasted metal finish option for the handles would be nice. If the blade had a ruler engraved into it I could probably get more use out of it at work as i am a tradesman and often need to take small measurements. I carry it in my pocket all the time.

Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase and I think of this is one of the best values I've purchased all year. Nabalis is also a decent company and ships from prime warehouses in the united states. My Morse arrived in literally 1 day, on my birthday June 1. They also handled a refund on one of their g10 knives for me. Nice people and they communicated well.

Jacob Cochran
The smoothest Ballisong I've used

Incredibly smooth and very quiet, love it!

One of the best balisong out there for under -150

One of my favorite balis out there i mean it has bushings and its only -60 usually to get a balisong with bushings you need to spend -200 plus.
One of my favorite thinGs about this Bali is the sound I mean I've never heard such a solid, pleasant sounding butterfly knife even the more expensive ones don't sound anywhere as close to as good as this one.
In short buy it

Jacob bruns
Great but...

This product is awesome for the money and if you have it is great but before you buy you should look at there newest one the vulp it's only 5 more dollars and is better in almost every aspect