Shipment and Delivery

How to track your package?

    According to your address information, we will choose the best shipment service for you to get a fast delivery. Usually, you can get the tracking number after payment within 2-4 days. Then you can track the package all the way on these websites.

    If you find it isn’t available on one website, please try to search on the others first. If you still can’t get your tracking number or can’t get any tracking information on these websites, please feel free to contact us.

    When will the commodity be delivered?

      We promise that we will send the package off within 2 working days after payment. (except for holidays and unexpected situations)

      Why didn't I receive the lubricating oil or loctite?

      The package you receive has no lubrication and Loctite glue because of the strict international logistics regulations on transportation for liquids.

      Customs and express companies believe that liquids are flammable, explosive, or toxic and they are a potential security liability. To ensure the safety of transportation, strict international logistics requirements and safety standards for such items come into existence.

      In addition, different countries enact laws for liquid transportation. We must abide by these regulations and laws to offer legal and safe services as a company to serve the world.

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the lack of the lube and Loctite and thank you for your understanding. In the future, we will pay continuous attention to international logistics policy and strive to provide a better customer experience. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

      The estimate of how long it would take

        Given diverse logistics situations in different countries and regions, the estimated delivery date of the package is different. As from the day you pay for it, it would take:

        Unite States: 7-18 weekdays
        Europe: 15-25 weekdays
        Canada: 20-25 weekdays
        Australia: 20-25 weekdays

        Note: Delay in delivery will happen during holidays and we could not guarantee the shipping duration.

        Customs Issues

          Warm prompt: If your package is returned because of the customs policy in your country, we will take the blade and the handles apart and send them off separately. Therefore, there are 2 parcels and tracking information, of course, they will be delivered separately.

          Missing package

          We have purchased insurance for each package. However, we will take full responsibility if we make a mistake during shipment, causing a missing parcel.