7075 Aluminum Balisong

Why Is 7075 AL

The use of aluminum in butterfly knife handles has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Wht's more, the type of aluminum that’s used in most popular aluminum balisongs is 7075

7075 AL offers a higher strength material for a cost that is still cheaper than titanium.

At the same time, it owns a much stronger alloy than 6061

Also, you can achieve colors through aluminum anodization that you can't with titanium.

Choose right materials to make best butterfly training knife

These affordable butterfly knife trains give you smooth and suit flipping experience to show those cool butterfly knife tricks without breaking the bank.

They're also durable and wearable--long performance life than plastic, 3D printed butterfly knife or lego balisong trainer.

The 7075 AL lightweight balisongs are much easier to carry than some other steel balisong butterfly knives.

As with the butterfly knife trainers crafted from 6061 AL, you can find different colors, weights, and styles to suit you, and there's a collaboration with Will Hirsch-The Vulp butterfly knife trainer, another favorite collection of flippers.

One thing I like about this collab with Will is the Vulp Pro butterfly knife trainer, which is freely customized (G10) and gorgeous.

The handles machined from anodized polished satin 7075 AL and light G10 inlays-durable and has a nice texture to it for extra grip, plus there's no flimsy blades on these butterfly knife trainers (not even on our all training balisongs!).

Most suitable and best trainer balisong for flipping.

Getting yourself to the balisong world and on the flipping journey streak of your dreams takes more than just pure seeing and thinking--it's about pursuing your interest and flipping your lovely butterfly knife.

You will feel your best while you're there. While doing those terrific balisong tricks and planning out your routine can definitely help you carve out your path to success, finding the right trainer butterfly knife is a major game-changer at the beginning of entering the balisong community.

When it comes down to it, a good practice butterfly knife that makes balisong lovers look just as good as they feel, giving them the fuel they need to strive for more cool and advanced butterfly knife tricks, and take it to the next higher level.

The best butterfly practice knife that will actually make you want to hit the balisong tricks/collection.

We know just how important it is to take price and quality into account, but we all know that the best butterfly knife trainer goes way beyond its looks.

We should always enjoy every moment in our life, we choose training butterfly knife to rotate need to fulfill every flipping expectation, from looking incredible to working functionally and making us land way beyond our initial marks.

No matter where you find yourself on your journey of butterfly knife tricks, These best budget trainers butterfly knife is about bridging the gap between advanced tricks for veterans that look amazing and basic balisong tricks for beginners that really work and easy - we do it all at once.

From staying cool and amazing during your toughest learning butterfly knife tricks routines yet to staying far away from deformation and looking like your very best trainer version, our 7075 AL butterfly knives are sure to win you over.

So, are you ready to meet your best trainer balisong match yet? We thought so.