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$44 OFF Blemished Butterfly Knife | Nabalis Trident in 30% off!

$44 OFF Blemished Butterfly Knife | Nabalis Trident in 30% off!

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NOTE: These butterfly knife trainers didn't pass our quality testing due to cosmetic imperfections (scratches, dents, discolorations, etc.).

But they cost the same performance as new balisong products. They could be used for taking photos, recording videos, etc.

Limited quantity, first come, first served!

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What's Trident


  • Weight: 3.66Ounces/103g
  • Handle Design: Channel
  • Total Length (Open Position): 247mm/9.72"
  • Total Length (Closed Position):144mm/5.67"
  • Handle Length: 140mm/5.5"
  • Handle Thickness: 12mm/0.47"
  • Blade Length: 121mm/4.76"
  • Internal Handle Material: 7075 Aluminum 
  • Internal Handle Finish: Anodized
  • External Handle Material: G-10 FR4 Fiberglass Laminate 
  • Blade Material: 440 Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Blade Finish: Stonewash
  • Blade Edge: Dull
  • Pin Design: Zen Pins
  • Pivot Design: Bushings
  • Pivot Screw: T10
  • Latch Design: Latchless
  • Balance Profile: 34.8mm from pivot center/Neutral


  • Channel liner handles machined from 7075 aluminum with jimpings and the external G10 laminate provide an extra nice grip.
  • Zen pin and tuning fork design are embedded in the 440C super high hardness blade, making a mellifluous fork sound while rebounding the handle.
  • An extra bushing is hidden at the end of the handle, so the balance becomes slightly adjustable by adding or removing the extra bushing.
  • The channel construction, namely, the extra pivot screws and bushings set in one handle, allows you to maintain it anytime and anywhere.

Bushing System

The Trident has a high-quality bushing system, which has been professionally adjusted before selling to ensure a smooth swing and a suit flipping experience, no tap, barely any play!

Note: Flipping it for a long time, it needs to be maintained and restored to its best condition by replacing the washers or tuning the bushings.

Product Story

The design inspiration for Trident comes from Poseidon's weapon and symbol in ancient Greek mythology.

The Trident is embedded in the blade, just like it stands in the ocean, surrounded by turbulent seas.

The internal handle is ocean blue, made from G10 laminate with wave line textures, which align with the design theme of the blade.

The internal handle material is 7075 aluminum alloy, known for its higher hardness and durability when compared to 6061 aluminum.

The blade is made of 440C steel with a hardness of around 59HRC, much higher than 420C steel. There are two pivot screws and bushings at the end of its handles, serving as counterweights. These allow you to adjust the balance of the balisong trainer by about 2mm.

With its sleek design and high-quality materials, Trident is undoubtedly the perfect trainer for those seeking a premium balisong with high-precision machining.

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Blemished Butterfly Knife | Nabalis Trident in 30% off!