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Nabalis Hydra Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer/Bottle Opener (US Market Only)

Nabalis Hydra Butterfly Knife Balisong Trainer/Bottle Opener (US Market Only)

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  • 7075 aluminum handles and stainess steel blade with good resistance, hardness and durability.
  • Mirro polished full texures provid additinal grip, gradation of light and shadow.
  •  Jimpings at the ends of the handles for comfort and grip, for the best possible flipping experience.

440c heat treated blade with press fit zen pins with high hardness and has 3 blade shapes. A trainer with a bottle opener, a Japanese tanto and a bowie! 

Each of the blades come from the factory unsharpened and are able to be sharpened with the proper equipment such as a whetstone.

    NOTE: The Tanto and Bowie will be shipped in 2 packages in different time.

    Balde only will be shipped from China mainland, and an intact Hydra balisong with opener/ bowie blade will be directly delivered from US.

    The blade will be tuned before shipping, so flippers just need to assemble the balisong. 


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    Due to limitation on express aviation security regulations in different countries, we are unable to put oil and glue in your package. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to ensure the safety of the package.
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    What's Hydra


    • Weight: 3.8Ounces/110g
    • Handle Design: Channel
    • Total Length (Open Position): 253mm/9.96"
    • Total Length (Closed Position): 148mm/5.82"
    • Handle Length: 143.8mm/5.66"
    • Handle Thickness: 12.8mm/0.5“
    • Blade Length: 123mm/4.84
    • Handle Material: 7075 Aluminum 
    • Handle Finish: Anodized
    • Blade Material: 440 Heat Treated Stainless Steel
    • Blade Finish: Bead Blasted
    • Blade Edge: Dull
    • Pin Design: Zen Pins
    • Pivot Design: Bushings
    • Pivot Screw: T10
    • Latch Design: Latchless
    • Balance Profile: 38.7mm from pivot center/Light Handle Bias


    • Mirror polished and anodized 7075 aluminum handle owns a natural metal sense, higher hardness and excellent durability.
    • Delicate lines draw out metallic snakes meandering between two handles, which will tremendously add additional grip during flipping.
    • The 440C heat-treated stainless steel blade with high hardness and embedded zen pins makes Hydra a really nice tuning fork.
    • Jimpings and a crescent shape at the end of the handle are the newest design language of Nabalis premium balisongs.

    Bushing System

    Hydra with a high-precision bushing system that has been professionally adjusted, giving you smooth flipping, zero tap, and barely any play!

    Note: After use, it needs to be maintained and restored to its best condition by replacing the washers or tuning the bushing.

    Product Story

    Hydra Bali is the first 7075 aluminum trainer of Nabalis, and it is inspired by the Hydra in Greek mythology.

    Honestly, it's really difficult to produce the handles with 7075 aluminum, especially the anodized handles. We need to ensure the material is pure and its surface clean enough before anodizing.

    You know, a small bias can cause huge color deviation. After tens of times of testing, we finally figured out the best producing process for the 7075 aluminum material.

    Usually, aluminum handles would have bead blasted before anodizing. To get a metallic luster for the Hydra, we chose to make a mirror polishing and leave the handle soak in specific oil before anodizing it, finally getting it sparkling with natural metal sense.

    Another innovation of the Hydra is the texture on the handle. Just like sketching, our designer draws lines with different intervals and tilt angles to make a specific visual effect, like a sinuous snake, meandering between two handles. When viewing from different angles, you can always get amazing patterns under the flowing light!

    To some extent, the Hydra is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the advanced design concept from Nabalis!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Excellent product

    I purchased the Hydra false-live blade bowie in teal. Customer service was professional, helpful, and polite when I contacted them in confusion over receiving the bottle-opener trainer (the false-live blade ships separately, and I didn't understand that).
    I'm new to balisong flipping, but the performance of the bottle-opener trainer was so nice and smooth, and so easy to learn new tricks on (I can actually chaplain with this thing), that I bought another Hydra to put the false live blade on when it comes in, since I can't have the false live blade at my workplace and I can't imagine not being able to flip my Hydra at work.
    The balisong is light and responsive, and it really does "hug your finger" during chaplains. The handles have a very nice, grippy texture to them that makes maintaining control on many tricks much easier for a beginner like me. Aerials are also nice and predictable, and thus easy to do consistently.
    I highly recommend the bottle-opener Hydra for new flippers, especially if you can get it for the sale price of 80USD. I also really love my Nabalis Vulp, but the extra 20USD really goes a long way here.

    Also really cool that it comes with a case for 3 balisongs and extra hardware. I've been looking at cases, but I don't have a large enough collection yet to justify getting one for 40 or 50 USD that holds 8 balis. Really an excellent unboxing experience.
    (Ignore the umbreon sticker on the case. I was very excited about the case, because I had no idea it was coming lol)

    Robb Heath
    Wonderful product

    I love my Hydra. It looks and feels amazing to use. I’ve really enjoyed every Nabalis product that I own. I wish you guys had other gear as well. YouTube video placeholder

    It’s pretty cool, it didn’t come with the live blade though