Vulp(오프너 없음) 버터플라이 나이프 발리송 트레이너 - Nabalis x Will Hirsch의 첫 번째 트레이너

할인 가격$64.99
색상: 검은색
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Good condition, well shipped. Only thing that I can comment on negatively is price. Although, compared to other balis in the market, this is not overly expensive but still slightly overpriced.

Melvin (Uppsala, SE)
Best balisong I have had

Best balisong in this price range.
Dont know if i was lucky or if the quality is just this good on these no handel play at all and super smooth.
Only "downside" is that it is a bit loud but some lube fixes the worst.

100% recomend

Peter ill (Vidin, BG)
Beginner level - the Vulp is a must

Straight out of the box flips fantastically sounds amazing sings like a bird balance and overall production quality including the price tag is just outstanding this is probably hands down the best entry level trainer. Slightly handle bias which makes beginner level stuff bit easier and just generally with this knife everything falls in place perfectly. the grip is very well made with really cool and clever design that actually works and improves the performance and efficiency of the knife and feels solid when holding in hand. I think i'm going to get myself a Canyon next i'm reading only great stuff about it i really can't wait to try it.


Very fun and satisfying 👍👍👍


came with nice factory tune just bummed out that it came with no thread lock or oil