Vulp Pro Trainer with False Edge - Nabalis x Will Hirsch

할인 가격$159.99
Color: Orange & White
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Loctite and super lube DON'T come with the false edge for the shipping restrictions.

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Customer Reviews

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Solid. Had a weird grease on it or something, but no big deal


Glad I bought this. Flips great and looks really nice. Tolerances are excellent, but it's still new. Hopefully it holds up well. Feeling confident it will.

Jeebs Fransisco
Great flipper however..

I love this Bali, I got the gold black and it's awesome! Only issue is, one of the zen pins got knocked out of place upon the first mild drop on a wood floor. Since I have no idea if/what tools I'm supposed to magically have on hand to repair this, I tried using what I had on hand and scratched the finish getting the pin back in place, only for it to work its way back out again after some flipping. Y'all really need to find a way to make these pins reliably stay in the handle at that price point. It sucks when you pay full price and end up with a blemished balisong on day one trying to fix it. Besides all that its really good.

Corey Napiwocki (Chicago, US)
Good flipper

Love flipping it and having it as my carry. But I didn’t get any lock tight or lube with my order.