At Nabalis, we are all about bringing innovative and quality products to the community. Throughout our journey, we've received many fantastic design ideas from the community. Big thanks to everyone for giving us this golden opportunity and trust, we truly appreciate it! As a forward thinking company, our vision and focus are always beyond mere commerce. We've observed a wealth of valuable design ideas from innovative balisong enthusiasts, unfortunately lacking an adequate platform to showcase that talent and creativity from going unnoticed.

In response, we have initiated the "CREATE WITH NABALIS" event, seeking to provide more individuals the opportunity to create their dream balisongs with Nabalis, we are looking forward to making this event the best resource for everyone to implement their innovative ideas into reality. To all the balisong flippers, designers, and enthusiasts out there. Share your ideas with Nabalis, let’s bring more creativity and innovation to the community together!


  • Mass Production
  • 10% Revenue of Gross Sales
  • Your Lifetime Copyright Ownership
  • Share Copyright With Nabalis For A Year
  • Your Lifetime Copyright Ownership
  • A Prototype of Your Design
  • Your Lifetime Copyright Ownership
  • A Prototype of Your Design

Profile & Features

Innovating Relentlessly:

Unleash your innovation and shape the future of balisong with us!

Design Your Balisong:

Be part of something special – design your own balisong and make a mark in the community with Nabalis!

Join us for CREATE WITH NABALIS, where your creativity takes center stage!

Open to all balisong enthusiasts:

it's time to design with Nabalis!

Appreciate that YOU give NABALIS this golden opportunity to create!!!



Before you dive into designing your balisong, HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CNC!

Internal screening for top 25 designs

Two rounds of voting. (3 out of 25 & 1 out of 3)

Screening criteria or standards for butterfly knife designs will be solicited from the balisong community

Final design review and modification will be disccuss with designer to ensure manufacturability

The name, material, finishing, estimated production, and release timeframe will be disseminated on the day when the final results are announced.


Hand-drawn sketches:

Draw the blade from at least one perspective.

Draw the handles from at least two perspectives.



Any one of the above options, or submit both simultaneously. Other files are also acceptable.

In addition, please share your design idea and story on Instagram, tagging @nabalis_balisong, inviting nabalis_balisong to join the collaboration, and employing the hashtag #createwithnabalis.

Submission Method:

Submit your designs to and provide your IG account for verification and announcement of final results.

We recommend that you briefly describe the design story and ideas when submitting your design.

Voting Method:

The voting link will be available on as a popup and in the announcement bar on 3/3.

You could also click the in nabalis_balisong's profile and vote.


Even if voting begins, the design draft can be slightly modified by original designers.

All designs in Google Sheets are publicly visible and cannot be edited or tampered with by others.

If you're not participating in the CREATE WITH NABALIS, you and your friends/family can also vote for your favorite balisong designs, with each person allowed three votes.

Final Production
Will Be Made:

Blade Material:

Stainless Steel; AL; G 10

Handle Material:

AL only; G 10 & AL; G 10 only

Blade Type:

Trainer only

Handle Design:

Channel; Sandwich; Chanwich

Surface Finishing:

Blade: Bead blasting; Mirror finish; Acid washing; Laser engraving; Black oxide; CNC

Handle: Anodized polished satin; Gradient colors (monochrome or two-tone); Laser engraving; CNC

Warm Tips:

The material and finishing of the final production are determined by the price.

Statement of Understanding:

  1. The Standard of Selection and Evaluation Collected from Balisong Community
  2. Be impartial: rely only on accepted criteria when selecting the top 25 designs.
  3. We ensure no plagiarism or dissemination of flippers' designs during the Screening Process.
  4. Create With Nabalis attaches great importance to the originality of designs. The designs must ensure their integrity and comply with relevant national laws and regulations, be completely original and free of plagiarism.
  5. No prior use: No infringement of any legitimate rights and interests such as third-party copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, etc.
  6. These event rules are not the final version
  7. Nabalis reserves all the right to the final explanation.

Anticipating success for all flippers and designers, and sending my best wishes in advance!

If you have any questions or need help in the activity You can leave messages at nabalis_balisong/nabalis_outlets and Nabalis Support Team is here to help.