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Customer Reviews

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Tolkien Brewer (Fairborn, US)
Great quality for the price

Love the look of it. It flips like a kraken but lighter and grippier. Tolerances are amazing for the price. Would buy if I were you ;)


Amazing bali. Been flipping for almost 2 years and have no affiliation with Will Hirsch or Brandon Baker, so you can probably trust my words.

First off, if you don't like G10, don't skip out on the Vulp Pro. While adding plenty of comfortable grip, the G10 doesn't even really feel like G10. That being said, this bali has some amazing grip. Other than the G10, the jimping is beautiful. Not sharp or uncomfortable, just amazing grip.

Holy moly, the Vulp can chaplin. Never in my life did I expect to rip chaplins on a Vulp, but the Pro is just so good especially in chaplins. Chaplins aside, the Vulp Pro can handle any trick I throw at it. It reminds me of the Nautilus in the sense that it can take anything.

Overall, the Vulp Pro is a fun, competitive and competent flipper that is definitely worth the money if you're into flipping. If you don't want to commit to $140 into a hobby, try the Vulp or even something else from Nabalis like the Marbles is a great option.

Asher Dodd (Murfreesboro, US)
good knife great flipping

w balisong ong buy rn has zen pin issues but other than that its crazy and waaaaaayyyyy better than the og vulp