Canyon - Stainless Steel Trainer

할인 가격$39.99
Color: Bead Blast Silver
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MasterioyS . (Athens, GR)

Canyon - Stainless Steel Trainer

Keegan Moon (Alliston, CA)
the Canyon is better

it is just better then any thing close to it in price and even a lot things above it in price. over all 11 out of 10

Matias Guillen (Santa Fe, US)
Amazing for the price

I personally don’t have the biggest Balisong collection but out of the few I have, the canyon is one of if not the best flipper for the cheapest price.


Nabalis Canyon With Stainless Steel Handle & Blade Balisong Trainer

Steve Parsons (Westminster, US)
Phenomenal beater

This is not going to replace your prysma pro. It’s not meant to. I own 5 balis under $100. This one I tend to use more than most of my others. It feels incredibly sturdy. I use it as my truck beater but it’s more than just a beater for me. I actually find myself learning new tricks on the canyon that I was struggling with on others. The momentum is so strong that it helps learn things that you aren’t confident with. Then I’m able to transfer it to other balis.

Chaplins and rollovers feel extremely easy with this thing. Would definitely recommend for people looking in this price range because I don’t think you can get much better for $40. I personally think this would be a legitimately good first balisong. I do think you’ll want a different one after not long but that’s kind of how this hobby works to be fair.