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Balisong & Tool

Browse Nabalis' entire range of innovative and stylish butterfly knife trainers for beginners, designed to flatter your experience and help you smash your flipping goals.

Our Trident training balisong and Vulp Pro practice butterfly knife are made for learning and flipping that won't let you down.

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Flippers' balisong & beginners' ideal

Sometimes you need the suitable butterfly knife to learn butterfly knife tricks, which only a practice balisong can achieve.

With durable and resistant blade and handles that hit your hands, nice butterfly knife trainers for flipping show off plenty of cool balisong tricks and hug your palm and fingers in just the right way.

Dive into training butterfly knives for your next flipping time, or stay amazing with a cool and cost-effective balisong trainer for this weekend's flippers' night out.

Whether you want to learn Y2K or practice chocker fan, you'll be happy you stopped by our butterfly knife trainer collection for beginners.

These cheap and best balisong trainers perfect for beginners to learn butterfly knife tricks.

Vulp balisong series can also help you to show your terrific flipping that's perfect for daily records or relieving your boring worklife.

Hey, you can even bring your new butterfly knife trainer with a blanket for a picnic and flip it outdoors.

Our Wing butterfly knife trainer with gradient handle and blade cutouts are super on trend right now, and our Hydra training butterfly knife gives your balisong knife rest a little more life.

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Flipping day, flippers' day, a balisong party -- you'll stun the crowd wherever you go with Nabalis' practice butterfly knife.

Our red Vulp Pro balisong trainer with Spiderman's look is killer with black G10 inlays and adjustable pivot screws and bushings at the end of its handles, and a hollow-out blade can be dressed down with some insert mod.

Our coveted collection of beginners' butterfly knife also includes Marble balisong trainer and Vulp V2 practice butterfly knife that are serving some relaxing vacation vibes.

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