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Nabalis G10 Spaner Ultra-Lightweight Ball Bearing CNC Durable Crowbar Tool

Nabalis G10 Spaner Ultra-Lightweight Ball Bearing CNC Durable Crowbar Tool

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Nabalis G10 balisong butterfly knife trainer with Spaner Ultra-Lightweight Ball Bearing

The balisong trainer with a latch is safe and conveninent for carrying, 

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What's Nabalis G10

Bearing System

Nabalis uses a superior bearing system, which has been expertly tuned for seamless rotation, zero tapping, and very minimal play during operation. However, to maintain optimal performance, regular maintenance is recommended, including replacing worn washers or adjusting the bearings as necessary.


Total weight: 4.8oz / 136g
Handle design: Sandwich structure
Total length (open state): 9.3 inches / 235 mm
Total length (closed state): 5.2 inches / 133 mm
Handle length: 5.3 inches / 136 mm
Balder material: 420C Stainless steel
Handle material: Stainless Steel & G10
Blade edge: Dull
Pin design: Tang Pin
Pivot design: Bearing system
Pivot Screw: Torx T8
Center of Gravity: Slight handle bias